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PRODUCTION Low-voltage switchboards

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Spálovský, a.s. produces low voltage switchboards of up to 1000V of rated voltage, 4000A (6300A) of rated current and 132 kA of rated dynamic current.

The production capacity of the company is concentrated on industrial switchboards, compensation switchboards, control boards, electricity measuring panels, site switchboards, control boxes and MaR.

Switchboards are applied in power engineering, chemical and production industry, heating industry and service segment. For production of low voltage switchgears we use E.T.A., CUBIC, Rittal, Schneider and OEZ switch boxes. The instrument content, used in the manufacture of switchboards, are of high quality and is from manufacturers with established quality management systems according to ISO standards, including in particular companies from the Schneider Electric (Merlin-Gerin, Telemecanique) group, OEZ Letohrad, Moeller, General Electric (Unirec), ABB, Siemens, Wago, Weidmüller and others.

  • Industrial switchboards are used for the distribution of low voltage power in industrial facilities, electricity substations and other devices. Switchboards are custom-made based on exact specification delivered by the client.
  • The PRISMA Construction system allows for the distinct acceleration of switchboard production and its complex utilization also provides considerable savings of an investor’s money. Components of PRISMA distributors are utilizing the components of Merlin-Gerin, Telemecanique.
  • The CUBIC modular construction system consists of basic modules of 192mm in size. Structurally, this provides preconditions permitting the creation of almost any configuration or switchboard size. The system may be configured according to the need for internal separation in line with EN 60439-1. The unique modular bus bar system is constructed up to 7000 A (8750 A) of rated current.
  • Compensatory switchboards are offered in six typological ranges from 7,5 kVAr up to 1200 kVAr. Switchboards are intended for automatic adjustment of power factor with the possibility of user setting cos φ from 0,85 inductive to 0,95 capacitive load. The structure of the switchboards is fully subordinated to customer’s need for favourable output, size, price and operational reliability ratio of the switchboard, including user-friendliness and easy operation.
  • Control boards and panels are designed for control and regulations systems in production lines, control rooms and monitoring stations. They are custom-made according to ergonomic requirements.
  • Electricity measuring panels are designed for assembling single-phase and triple-phase electrical meters. The assembly of electrical meters (ET 404 as standard) is performed per customer’s request. Panels are suitable for all approved electricity tariffs. The electricity measuring panels mk. RE may be produced as embedded in a wall, as well as fitted on the wall.
  • Construction switchboards are intended to serve as main or secondary switchboards with the metering option during construction consumption suiting the needs of construction companies. The assembly of electrical meters (ET 404 as standard) is performed per customer’s request.
  • Control boxes are designed to control switches and disconnectors in LV and HV substations, both for indoor and outdoor conditions.
  • Measurement and regulation switchboards are used for measuring and regulation. Box dimensions are chosen by the customer. They are usually fitted with a standard fitting given by drawings, which are delivered by the investor and by special tools, including control systems (Siemens, Allen Bradley, Telemecanique etc.). Control system may be delivered either by the customer or by Spálovský, a.s. Programming of control automaton may be ordered upon agreement.
  • Socket box is used for distribution of electric power and compressed air in production halls. The socket box is installed in the concrete working floor in production plants outside transport and handling routes.