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Low-voltage switchboardsHigh-voltage switchgearsSwitch boxesServices


  • Network analysis – measuring of voltage, current, frequency, active and idle power, power factor etc.
  • Consulting activities during the design of switchboards directly on customer’s, investor’s or designer’s site.
  • Intensive help during designing, projection, testing and measuring of compensatory switchboards.
  • Offer of switchboard inspection under operation in regular intervals of at least 2x year.
  • Offer of switchboard inspection prior to the end of the warranty period.
  • Operative solving of operational issues or emergencies on distribution devices with subsequent evaluation and proposal of corrective measures or technical solution.
  • Theoretical or practical training of switchboard operators on site, prior to commissioning.
  • Technical support during start-up and testing operation.
  • Supply of production documentation in data form on discs or CDs.
  • Preparation of order on site during reconstruction, replacement of devices or entire switchboard fittings).
  • Specialist in LV substation retrofitting.


  • Technical equipment – measuring devices, especially for compensation – type AR5 measuring current, frequency, active and idle power and power factor always for individual phases and analysis of networks, hydraulic equipment for bending, splitting and perforation of ALFRA strips, special hand tools with momentum fastening of bolts and pressing of cable lugs.
  • During the production of switchboards, besides standard measuring and standard testing, we perform the measurement of joint heating in bus bars.
  • Equipping for mobile processing of CU strips to dimension 100x10.
  • Perforex machining centre – for precise drilling, threading, engraving and milling of electric switchboards and their parts. The device enables creation of holes and threads in all plane surfaces of the box with the lowest possible time demands. Perforex offers a wide range of variants with stress on quality of workmanship.Perforex-Bearbeitungszentrum  - für Genaubohren, Gewindeschneiden, Gravierung und Fräsen der elektrischen Verteiler und deren Teile. Die Einrichtung ermöglicht Bildung von Öffnungen und Gewinden in allen ebenen Flächen des Schranks, wobei Zeitansprüche möglichst niedrig sind. Perforex bietet eine breite Skala der Varianten mit Betonung der Ausführungsqualität.

SERVICE REACTION (within 24 hours) – always estimated according to a specific case

TRANSPORT – according to customers’ requirements in accordance with conditions defined in KS or in the order according to Incoterms