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ASTRA distribution boxes
This is a type series of steel boxes suitable for a wide variety of electric switchboards designed for surface installation. Perfect workmanship enables their use in indoor and outdoor areas.

The Astra boxes are in conformity with the standard ČSN EN 62208 ed. 2 and are delivered in many variants.

-    The boxes conform to the IP 65/ IP 54 degree of protection (double-wing).
-    Degree of protection against mechanical impacts IK 09.
-    The boxes are made of steel sheet of 1.5 mm thickness.
-    They include a mounting panel of 3 mm thickness, fastened by means of bolts M8 at the distance of 15 mm from the box back side.
-    As a rule, the boxes are delivered with surface treatment with thermoreactive polyester coating in the RAL 7035 colour shade and of minimum thickness of 80 microns.

Atypical manufacture – atypical boxes are manufactured on the basis of the structural design of the Astra boxes and adapted according to the customers’ specific requirements and documents.

Locksmithery production – the activities of the Spálovský, a.s. locksmithery production include manufacture of roofing and protective covers used for external protection of distribution boxes.

Switch box - reference
Switch box - reference
ASTRA box_lacquered
ASTRA box_stainless steel
ASTRA box_Atypical production