Spálovský, a.s.


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QUALITY SYSTEM Integrated system of management

History of certificationIntegrated system of managementAttestation and certification


  • The integrated management system of the company serves to fulfill the requirements and expectations of clients and to increase the quality of products and activities of the company.
  • The environmental management system serves to introduce the policy and to determine the targets that include legal and other requirements, which apply to the company and information on important environmental aspects identified in the company and on which the company has certain influence.
  • The OHS management system serves to introduce the policy and to determine the targets that include legal and other requirements, which apply to the company in the area of OHS, including the assessment of risks in the area of occupational safety and safety of products and services.

The system used is based on the ISM policy of the company management and fully conforms to all requirements of standards ČSN EN ISO 9001, ČSN EN ISO 14001, ČSN OHSAS 18001 and others in currently valid and relevant wording.

The commitment of the company management to introducing and maintaining the quality system, environmental management system, and OHS management system has been declared in the ISM Policy set by the director of the company.

The management system of Spálovský, a.s. includes the following activities that are considered and applied in all requirements of standard ČSN EN ISO 9001 in respect to production, services and sales:
Development, production, and sale of switchboards and switch boxes.

Company management considers quality to be a decisive factor in increasing the prosperity and competitiveness of the company. The aim of all corporate activities is represented in achieving maximum satisfaction of the client with manufactured products. Permanently satisfied customers, trusting in our products and services, are our biggest assets. The company acknowledges the principles of permanently sustainable development, the principle of injury prevention and assurance of occupational safety. In order to fulfill these aims, the company management declares the following principles of quality policy, environmental protection and OHS.

  1. We understand quality as the timely and full satisfaction of customers’ needs and expectations. We achieve this mainly in pre-production phases and in production.
  2. Values are created by employees, who are fully responsible within their respective departments for the quality of our products and services. They observe corporate values, develop and educate themselves to be better accustomed to the needs of our customers.
  3. Together we work on perfecting our products and improving all processes.
  4. We invest in the means and modernize technologies for the benefit of production, overall increase of efficiency, improvement of the environment and the reduction of risks in occupational safety.
  5. We undertake to decrease the negative influence of our activities on the environment, minimize pollution by waste, emissions, and decrease power consumption.
  6. We undertake to prevent the occurrence of extraordinary events in occupational health and safety; we value the health of our employees and users of our products.
  7. We are open, bringing our activities closer to our customers, we communicate with the public and the media, we make use of inputs from interested parties, we cooperate with suppliers on improving utility value of products.
  8. We uphold legal regulations with regards to the environment, danger in the sphere of occupational safety, and we produce reliable and safe products.


EN ISO 9001.2016
EN ISO 14001.2016
ISO 9001.2015_IQ NET
ISM Policy
ISO 14001.2015_IQ NET
OHSAS 18001.2007_IQ NET
OHSAS 18000.2008