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WHOLESALE Accessories, auxiliaries, peripheral electrics

Switch boxesAccessories, auxiliaries, peripheral electricsServices


Components for the production of switchboards, automation, measuring and regulation:

  • Circuit breakers: Schneider Electric, OEZ Letohrad, SIEMENS, Schrack Energietechnik, Moeller, Bonega, Hager, Kania
  • Relays: ELKO EP, Schrack, Schneider, Finder, Siemens, OMRON
  • Connectors: Wieland, Weidmüller, Wago, Legrand, Elektro Bečov
  • Indicator lights: RAMI, ELECO, Schneider Electric, Moeller
  • Switches: OBZOR, Salzer, Allan Bradley, SEZ
  • Overvoltage protection: HAKEL, Saltek, DEHN
  • Electric meters: GHV, Metra, Drah. Kusák ELVIS, Závodný Elektro
  • Transformers and sources: Elektrokov, Axima, Frei
  • Insulators and bus bar holders
  • Bus bars Cu, Al including splitting to required lengths

Plastic, steel sheet metal switch boxes, including accessories:

  • Steel sheet metal wall panels: ASTRA
  • Steel sheet metal wall embedded panels – type „Z“
  • Plastic boxes: Schneider Electric, ELPLAST, Gewiss, Hensel, Holoubkov
  • 19“ data boxes
  • Aluminium boxes
  • Control panels
  • Atypical steel sheet boxes according to your specification
  • Switchboards:
    - typical (electric meter, construction, compensatory)
    - atypical (according to delivered technical documentation)

Components for the production of switch boxes:

  • switchboard locks, adhesive seals, adhesive pockets for documents, plastic covers, joining material, hinges

Electrical material:

  • cables, conductors, cable heating systems
  • switches, sockets, plugs, boxes, channels, wireways, PVC tubes
  • bulbs, batteries, inbuilt and point lights, portable halogen, lighting technology, fluorescent tubes, starters, ventilators, thermoregulators, lamps, insulation and fastening strips, cups, cable lugs, extensions.