Low voltage switchboards

Spálovský, a.s. produces low voltage switchboards up to 1000 V rated voltage and 6300 A rated current.

In terms of produced types, the production capacity of the company covers mainly industrial switchboards, compensation switchboards, control panels, control cabinets, and cabinets for measuring and regulation.

Our switchboards are used particularly in power engineering, chemical and processing industries, heat engineering, infrastructure, and in the service sector. We produce our low voltage switchboards with CUBIC, Rittal, Schneider, OEZ, and E.T.A. switchboard cabinets. The instrument equipment used in the production of our switchboards is of high quality, by producers with integrated management systems according to ISO standards, namely by the Schneider Electric group, OEZ Letohrad, Eaton, ABB, Siemens, General Electric, Wago, Weidmüller, Phoenix, and others.

Průmyslové rozváděče

Industrial switchboards

Industrial switchboards are used to distribute low-voltage electricity in industrial objects, electrical substations and other facilities. The switchboards are produced upon detailed and accurate specification provided by the customer.

Stavebnicový systém PRISMA

PRISMA building block system

PRISMA building block system allows for significant acceleration of the switchboards production. Through its comprehensive use it is possible to achieve considerable savings of the investors’ funds. The instrumental equipment of the PRISMA switchboards is fully oriented on the components by Schneider Electric.

Modulární rozváděčový systém CUBIC

CUBIC modular switchboard system

CUBIC modular switchboard system consists of basic 192 mm modules. This construction allows for creating practically any configuration or size of a switchboard. The system can be designed according to the requirements of internal separation meeting the EN 60439-1 standard. The unique modular bus system is designed for maximum 7000 A rated current.

Kompenzační rozváděče

Compensation and decompensation switchboards

Compensation and decompensation switchboards are intended for automatic adjustment of the power factor with the possibility to define cos φ by the user from 0.85 inductive to 0.95 capacity and inductive load. The design of the switchboards meets the customers’ requirements for a reasonable ratio of performance, dimension, price, and high operational reliability of the switchboard, including user-friendly and easy operation.

Ovládací pulty a panely

Ovládací pulty a panely

Ovládací pulty a panely jsou určeny pro řídicí a kontrolní systémy výrobních linek, velínů a monitorovacích pracovišť. Jsou vyráběny na zakázku dle ergonomických požadavků.

Ovládací skříně

Control boards and panels

Control boards and panels are intended for control and instrumentation systems of production lines, control rooms, and monitoring stations. Control board and panels are custom-made according to the customer’s requirements and with regards to ergonomy.

Rozváděče měření a regulace

Switchboards for measuring and regulation

Switchboards for measuring and regulation are intended for measuring and regulation. The dimensions of the cabinets are fully customized upon individual requirements. The instrumental equipment is based on the drawings supplied by the investor; various special instruments including control systems are available (Siemens, Allen Bradley, Schneider Electric, etc.). A control system can be supplied either by the customer or Spálovský, a.s. Programming of the automatic control can be ordered upon individual arrangement.

Zásuvkové boxy

Socket outlet boxes

Socket outlet boxes are used to distribute electricity and pressurized air in production halls. They are installed in work floors and replace fixed and non-complex appliance wirings.

Kontejnerové trafostanice

Container transformer stations

Container transformer stations are used for LV and HV switchboards. They are atypical containers made bespoke, which are then fitted with equipment specified upon customer’s requirements.

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